Paper Tent Desktop Nameplate

Post date: 2014/06/03 7:50:24.    Edited: 2024/05/13

Photo of a paper name tent plate

Now we provide an English version of our "Paper tent nameplate" file (PDF), ready for you to download!

The plate made of an ordinary photocopying paper would be stable enough for days.

Best for printing on an A4 size paper [ 210 mm x 297 mm ].

Simple and easy!  Just write down your name and fold it three times.  

(Simple instruction would be printed on the paper.)

No LOGOS or our name on it so you can use it on various occasions.

Recommendation in printing:  from the Page Scaling pop-up menu in Adobe Acrobat print window, select "None" option in stead of "Fit To Printable Area".  

A PowerPoint file is also available for those who want to make your own designs, for example with your logos.  

Paper tent name plate by Openpower.pdf

A PDF file to download

Just to print out!

Paper tent name plate by Openpower.pptx

A PowerPoint file to download

For those who want to make your own designs